Pakistan agriculture & dairy farmers associationĀ the proposed plan of activities (including both long term & short term targets)


  1. The aim of the association is to bring dynamic changes in agriculture & dairy farming, so that our members
    could get outstanding performance and great benefits as result of their hard work. In addition, to safeguard
    benefits of our members and to struggle for their rights, special relief in the Govt. policies and in financial
  2. To help, the members in obtaining small loans from different financial institutions, and to help them in

completion of required documents.

  1. To provide information to member as well as feasibility for modern techniques/technologies and its
    implementation in the sector, like:
  1. a) Information about new technologies;
  2. b) Cost of acquiring such technologies;
  3. c) Sources of funds cost of project etc;
  4. d) Expected future profit, marketing trends, expert advices etc; and
  5. e) Day to day policies of Govt. for Agriculture & Dairy Farmers.


The long term plan of the Association is to establish a Research & Training Institution, for which experts will be hired for research and to train our members to useĀ  latest techniques/technologies through seminars/lectures, library, laboratory etc. In order to establish a skilled work force team training courses will also be conducted, which will be helpful for the sector and the following facilities will be provided to the members:

  1. a) Availability of help desk;
  2. b) Availability of laboratory facility;
  3. c) Samples/ demonstration of new machinery/technology i.e. physical/video, etc;
  4. d) Availability of skilled manpower at low rate to the members;
  5. e) Job opportunities for educated people; and
  6. f) This institution will prove a foundation in the development of latest technology for the sector in
    For this purpose the paper work about acquisition of funds, cost of land & Buildings and
    necessary equipment, arrangement of qualified staff and arrangement for payment of permanent fixed
    cost of this institution is under process.

Our aim is to provide help/awareness to members for their rights and to provide them facilities and information regarding new techniques, new technologies, new inventions, related to the sector and dealing with Govt. Authorities, Banks, etc and disseminate information of new technological advancements in the sector as well as market information. It is also our aim that the members should got up-to-date knowledge of their field, Government Polices, new Laws and other information.

To protect our interests of our members.

To encourage, inculcate and foster spirit of friendliness, unity and cooperation and cordial relationship and dealings amongst members.

To arrange seminars, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, workshops and symposiums, so that our members got up to date knowledge and information of emerging markets and got new ideas to improve their techniques.

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