Election Results

We are  pleased  to  inform  you  that  the  following  are elected as  members  of  Executive Committee / Office  bearers  for  the  next  term, which  is  announced  in  AGM  dated 29.09.2020.

Sr No Name Desigination
1 Mr. Zahid Anwar Chairman
2 Ch. Adnan Mustafa Buttar Senior Vice-Chairman
3 Mr. Zeeshan Zahid Vice-Chairman
4 Ch. Nawaz Bajwa Member
5 Ch. Shabbir Kahloon Member
6 Mr. Mazhar Saleem Member
7 Mr. Zahid Pervez Member
8 Ch. Abdul Rauf Bajwa Member
9 Ch. Akram Javed Member
10 Mr. Faisal Saleem Member